Tips to Take Care of Curly Hair


Curls are quite popular right now, so we've compiled a list of practical advice to keep your curls satisfied, healthy, and—most importantly—loyal.

Lifeless, dull locks?

It's a year-round regimen to avoid brittle curls, but the humid summer months can quickly change bouncy volume into dull and flat! To remedy this kind of circumstance, a hair shine mask is advised. Before recommending a treatment, always get the client's opinion on what they believe their hair requires. In addition to being the ideal moment to get them considering retail, it also fosters trust between the stylist and the customer.

The strength of the hair prevents a color service...

This problem frequently arises when curls are colored by stylists. Utilize this treatment to prepare and shield hair before and after:

A color application on damaged hair will result in uneven lift, patchy toners, and no shine. Apply a repair shampoo treatment to curls both before and after a color procedure to maintain them healthy.

Use a shampoo that not only moisturizes extremely dry hair but also revives it by mending and fending off breaking in the future.


Crispy, dry ends

The average client's shampoo routine is altered throughout the summer, which causes split ends. Hair needs to be cut frequently to stay healthy and grow. Combining a fast haircut with a moisturizing treatment can work wonders!

Masks are essential for hydrating dehydrated skin and keeping hair silky and supple. You will see the effects if you apply these practical tips to your everyday curly client regimen.

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