Arnica Oil for Hair. Why all the fuss is about ?

Arnica oil is also being touted as a top-notch ingredient for your hair, with claims that it can help with hair loss and premature graying.

What Is Arnica Oil?

The arnica used in skincare and haircare is Arnica montana, a flowering plant that is part of the sunflower family and most often found in the colder parts of Europe. It's been used as a herbal medicine for centuries in oil and cream formulations, a long-time hero that's celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Hence why it's often found in products geared towards alleviating sore muscles, achy joints, and even bruising. However, along with these more often talked about benefits, arnica oil can also help with some common hair and scalp issues, including dryness and seborrheic dermatitis.

Benefits of Arnica Oil for Hair
Arnica oil can help reduce inflammation, it may help with treating hair and scalp conditions.

Similarly, arnica oil has also recently been purported to be something that can help fight hair graying. Conceptually, arnica oil will minimize oxidative stress and inflammation of the cells that provide pigment to the hair shaft, although no definitive studies on this benefit have been conducted.

Again, anecdotally— it's a popular option for treating scalp conditions such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. The point being, all of these aforementioned benefits are largely more theoretical than scientifically backed. The most "legitimate" reason to use arnica oil would be to help moisturize a dry scalp and/or dry hair. The natural fatty acids are excellent for improving moisture, especially when mixed with complementary oils such as jojoba or coconut.


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