2022 Hair Trends to Watch Out For!

The Bixie:

Somewhere between The Bob and Pixie enters The Bixie, a heavily layered, texturized, and cropped hair cut that falls just below the ears and above the shoulders. This trending look is reminiscent of a short 80s Shag, and when paired with its trending counterpart, the curtain bang gives a sassy French Girl vibe. A stylist must utilize both razor and scissor cutting techniques to achieve maximum movement to achieve this look.

The Shag Reborn AKA

The Octopus Hair Cut:

You know this cut. You probably had this cut in the 90s. Like everything now, what’s old is new again and this famous style is now called The Octopus. Due to its cascading choppy layers that resemble an Octopus’s tentacles, The Octopus is a spruced-up version of The Shag. With shorter layers throughout the front and concave, short to long layers throughout the back. Finish off the cut with curtain bangs or cheek-level wispy layers; the best part is that this style doesn’t call for heat styling. Instead, mix equal parts PRORITUALS Volume & Texture Foam and PRORITUALS Power Sculpt Active Hold Gel. Then scrunch and let your hair air dry to enhance the natural texture.

Cool in Copper:

If you’re looking for a change and not ready for a full vibrant red, welcome the copper-red trend. Copper red is a stunning blend of red and orange-brown and flatters a plethora of complexions. As seen made possible by Kendall Jenner, Doja Cat, Sza, Barbie Ferriera, and more! This sunny shade of red is subtle and glowing and gives a natural 70s flare. It would be beautiful to see cut into The Octopus style. You can achieve this look with our PRORITUALS Copper Blonde series.

Textured and Curly Fringe:


Whether you’re going for a blunt fringe or a soft and textured curly bang, a fringe makes a statement. It can drastically change the proportions of your face (Pro Tip: you can use this to your benefit, creating defined features of your face!) A couple of things to keep in mind before taking the curly fringe plunge. Curls will coil and become shorter, be sure your stylist is aware and familiar with your specific curly hair texture. Grow out will happen, and bang maintenance will be needed so don’t jump right in, instead opt for a Shag with connected layered short pieces in the front and be sure you like the look. Keep your curly fringe hydrated and moisturized by mixing 75% PRORITUALS Power Sculpt Active Hold Gel and 25% PRORITUALS Dream Cream and diffusing or finger curling.

The Power Bob:

The Power Bob is a sleek blunt cut with razor-sharp edges. This look evokes power and strength and will always make you stand out from a crowd. The Bob is the perfect in-between look and has an air of confidence about it. Ask your stylist for a blunt Bob cut all at one length. It’s a sleek glossy finish you are after, so no layers. Be sure the style is cut to a length that flatters your specific features, no one size fits all. To keep hair looking glossy and fresh, be sure to use a leave-in treatment like PRORITUALS Spray Treat before heat styling and PRORITUALS Glow Shine Spray to give the hair a mirror finish!



Source: Prorituals 2022